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    ASLAM is a minor Indian brand producing automotive parts, components and equipment. Wiper blades are, no doubt, the most important of their products. And even though they are operating from India, it doesn’t necessarily imply inferior quality or other qualities associated with products of Asian make.
    In fact, ASLAM may surprise you with what they have to offer – not only in terms of product quality, but also their approach.

    ASLAM brand

    wiper blades ASLAM

    ASLAM is an Indian brand, likely operating from Delhi region. It’s not completely clear, though, because the brand doesn’t have any official media or website. Most of the information is either speculative or taken from third-party platforms. At any rate, their Indian origins are doubtless.
    Most of their wipers on sale are hybrid. It means the usual beam construction with an additional carcass to boost aerodynamic properties. They stick closer to the windscreen and continue working well regardless of the speed. In short, hybrid ones are more efficient, and ASLAM has lots of them.
    And it’s not only because of the basic construction that these wipers work well. ASLAM introduced many high-quality materials both into the carcass and the rubber body.
    The carcass often uses some form of steel to make the entire thing sturdier and more steadfast against the windscreen. It’s either galvanized steel or the special alloy of ‘memory steel’ that basically adjusts the rubber to fit the glass better and provide more thorough results.
    The rubber itself is not too special. It’s just a natural mix, which implies it’s not silicone or any plastic combination. Moreover, they often get covered in graphite, another rubber material that basically just strengthens the outer layers of the rubber body. A neat and effective combination, all things considered.

    It’s no wonder they charge more for them than most people are used to. The normal price is about 20 USD for two wiper blades, with some being as costly as 30 USD. That’s borderline premium and, unfortunately, it’s unknown how long they last, really. It’s supposed to be quite a long time, logically thinking, but there’s no guarantee. When buying them, make sure the distributor provides some sort of warranty for them.
    At the very least, there are tons of user reviews online, especially on Amazon. You can browse through them yourself, and point out the advantages that appeal to you most. From user feedback, these wipers seem like a high-performance choice. They work well, especially in cold temperatures, leave great visibility and are thorough in general.
    Fortunately, their support seems to work fine. They offer bonus refills for many of their creations, and they often allow you to replace them free of charge if they thin out prematurely.

    Final thoughts

    With all of that stuff in mind, ASLAM might be a very fine choice. They don’t have an official website or any online presence, unfortunately, so it’s rather hard to find anything of essence about them. Most of their wipers are sold an old-fashioned way – through stores and distributors. It’s likely you’ll see a couple of them in your nearest auto shop.