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Bosch Evolution wiper blade review


    Evolution is one of the chief wiper blades produced and designed by Bosch – a popular home appliances manufacturer. Their wiper blade production isn’t their main job, but their creations are still on demand.
    And Bosch Evolution is one of the better results of this effort. Even though you can only rely on dedicated brands to supply high-quality products all the time, Bosch still does an alright job.
    Let’s see what Bosch Evolution particularly has to offer.

    Bosch brand

    Bosch Evolution windshield wipers

    Bosch is a German brand with rich history (started back in 19th century). They usually provide products of good enough quality, but you should remember that they most focus on mass production.
    Even though there aren’t often defects and the general condition is fine, Bosch creations may be problematic. Evolution is no different – it does a very good job, but lags behind in some secondary aspects.

    What is Evolution?


    Bosch Evolution wiper blade review

    Evolution is a beam wiper blade model. It means that it doesn’t have a carcass, and the pressure is instead applied to the entire blade evenly through inner mechanisms – such as metal plates or springs.
    In Evolution’s case, two precisely tensioned springs act as pressurizing agents. As a result, the blade always sticks to the windshield extremely tight, which means the job these blades do is usually consistent and efficient. There is no residue (usually) and most elements that need removing are done away with easily.
    What also helps with this task is a specialized rubber body. It’s made from natural rubber (so, no plastics), which is bound to provide great results. At the same time, this body is well-balanced to get rid of the majority of what might be stuck to your windscreen. It wouldn’t be as efficient if not for the way the blade itself is stuck to the glass – tightly and securely.
    It’s all thanks to the tensioned innards, but not entirely. This blade also has a small spoiler part that, nonetheless, improves aerodynamic properties significantly. The job doesn’t suffer as much from the wind, and it means better tightness and better speed of work (in comparison to spoiler-less blades).
    These are main qualities. As a result of it all, you get consistent job without streaks and residue (most of the time) at the same constant speed and with the same decent results. Thanks to this design, these wipers blades actually improve the windscreen visibility substantially – which is the main reason to acquire them.

    Are they worth buying?

    Bosch Evolution wiper blade review 2

    Bosch likes variety. Evolution has many size types, lock covers and sub-types. Different packages cost differently, but the normal price is around $15 per one blade. So, if you need two of them, you’ll have to pay around 25-30 dollars. It could be cheaper, but at least you have reliable quality.
    The impact is worth the money. However, if you’re on a tight budget, you might find cheaper options without having to sacrifice quality as much. There are definitely such options, but you’ll have to go through various dedicated wiper blade shops. Not all of them have good service, at the same time.
    Bosch is great in terms of customer support – they send replacements without delay and provide detailed information on all sorts of products.

    How to install Bosch Evolution

    Bosch Evolution wiper blade review 1

    Bosch Evolution is easy to install, but it may also be cumbersome and uncomfortable. If you value time, however, then you might like this wiper model very much.
    The locking system is simple enough – it’s a double-click mechanism. You’ll have to first set up a fitting lock cover to be able to attach a blade to one of the wiper arm types. In the usual package, you get 3 or 4 covers for the most common sorts, but you can contact Bosch if your car has one of the more unorthodox arm designs.

    The installation process itself consists of two steps – attach the blade and move it (turn, slide, etc) until you hear a click.
    It might be uncomfortable, because the blade feels rather heavy and you might think you’re breaking it, but don’t worry. The installation movements are usually intuitive. And if not, the blade will hold.

    How to remove Bosch Evolution

    Bosch Evolution wiper blade review 3

    It’s the same process, but backwards. Just reverse the installation process with some force. These blades aren’t designed to come off easily, so don’t hold back.