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Denso wiper blades

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    Denso is a popular manufacturer of car equipment, appliances and components from Japan. Their main assortment includes stuff life generators, plugs, oil filters, even ignition systems, but also wiper blades of very high quality. Because for them it’s not some side activity, they have tons of various blades to offer.
    Even though Denso blades can be very different from one another, there are similarities in technologies, characteristics and generally the way they are made. So, let’s see what Denso has to offer, on average.

    Denso assortment

    wiper blades Denso

    The wipers are divided into several categories, mainly: beam, standard and hybrid wipers. Different as they are, Denso has them all to offer, and in many variations.
    They are mostly selling hybrid wiper blades, however, even though they are more complex and costlier to make. They are also superior to the two other categories. The pressure is applied evenly like on beam wipers, but since they have a shell carcass, there are also several points that make sure the blade is firmly attached.
    As a result, these blades are extremely versatile. Average Denso blades also cost more because of it, with some options reaching 15 USD a blade. It’s completely justified, because Denso dumped a lot of interesting technological solutions into them besides the usual stuff.
    Denso is very passionate about making their blades superior in all conceivable ways, and usually it works. They aren’t obtrusive or noisy (the noise levels only rise towards the end of their life), and they don’t wear off for a very long time. The usual period is at least two years.
    And even if the rubber does wear off, it’s fairly easy to replace the rubber if you have a spare. It’s equally easy to attach and remove the wipers as a whole – they use the U-hooks to do that, and these fit all wiper arms with the same ease.
    They are pretty efficient in winter and harsh weather in general. Some of these wiper blades are pretty costly, but they compensate it by working well in winter. Denso really put an effort in this case.
    You could safely say that they are high-quality blades, if not directly premium. They can still break if the weather is too harsh and cold or deteriorate quicker if you use them all the time. They are pretty good, but not a panacea. For their price, however, Denso is amongst the best blade manufacturers today.

    Final thoughts

    It’s absolutely worth it to buy them, even though they might be pricier than usual blades. If you intend to save money, at least consider buying the beam or the standard blades, which are cheaper and slightly worse than hybrids. One thing is certain – if you can find Denso blades nearby, it would be sensible to purchase them.