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Goodyear wiper blades

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    Goodyear is more known to the wider public as a producer of tires, although it didn’t stop them from introducing and supplying more and more car-oriented products over the years. In 1991, they’ve started to deal in wiper blades also. With that said, they aren’t producing them on their own, they are just a supplier.
    Even though most wipers are sold under Goodyear’s name, the assembly and development is done by their subsidiary called Saver.

    Saver brand

    wiper blades Goodyear

    Saver has been inside Goodyear family for 1991, when the company was bought by Goodyear bosses. The abundance of resources and connections makes Goodyear the perfect dealer for such products, and that’s partly why Saver/Goodyear blades are going off the shelves at high speed.
    Another reason is their own name – Goodyear is widely recognized as one of the most influential and respectable tire-makers of our time. As a result, all Goodyear-labeled products are likely to catch the eye of a car enthusiast. That doesn’t necessarily signify the high quality of these wipers – you should keep that in mind.
    But at the very least, Goodyear is known as a trustworthy tire-maker. The defects are scarce with their creations, and they are known to provide refunds in case the tire dies before the warranted lifespan is out. A similar policy applies to the blades, although their wiper blades are often sold through separate distributors.
    As for quality of make, Saver does a very fine job. The high visibility and thoroughness are particularly deserving of praise, and there aren’t too many issues – especially relative to the price Goodyear blades are usually sold for.
    The typical price sits at around 20 USD (that’s the price of an average beam wiper, at any rate). Unlike most brands, though, Goodyear/Saver wiper blades are sold in pairs. So, it’s about 10 USD for a wiper. This cost is considered moderate for the market.

    The assortment

    Goodyear’s assortment of blades isn’t as big as what brands that specialize in this market specifically have. There are various interesting types, like those designed for high-speed driving or heavy machinery, as well as specific weather-resistant and high-performance models.
    In practice, you may only find a few variants on sale. Most Goodyear stores will only hold a fraction of their real assortment, and online stores have even less, most of the time.
    In terms of construction, there are all three types – conventional, flat and hybrid. The flat sort is the most popular by far, for some reason. They perform very well, both in terms of efficiency and comfort. Other ones are just as good, but some are obviously better in quality and performance, such as:

    • Premium & Premium+ (better performance overall).
    • WeatherReady & WeatherReady+ (better wind and water resistance).

    The choice is yours, but there’s a lot to offer, even if the assortment could be limited where you look.

    Final thoughts

    Goodyear (or, rather, Saver) is one of the finest options when it comes to wiper blades, even though they are fresh in this industry. If interested, you can learn more about these products by doing more research. This review gives you some idea, but it barely touched the surface.