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Michelin Stealth Ultra Hybrid: Wiper Blade Review

    Michelin Stealth Ultra Hybrid windshield wipers

    Michelin is a worldwide name. This company is a primary producer of all sorts of automotive equipment and components in the world. They are certainly more known for their tire-making enterprise, but blade-making is likewise one of their key efforts. And Michelin Stealth Ultra is a product of this effort.
    Michelin Stealth Ultra is one the most technologically advanced, efficient and premium wiper blades this brand gave birth to. They currently sell 5 hybrid models, and there’s only one Michelin blade above Stealth Ultra in terms of efficiency and technology. No wonder this one is on demand everywhere.
    But do people enjoy driving around with these? Let’s see why they might.

    Michelin brand

    Michelin Stealth Ultra Hybrid wiper blades

    Michelin is one of the oldest car-related brands. For most of their history, they concentrated on tire production. Relatively recently, they also expanded onto blade manufacturing, and that was a sound decision. This sort of business doesn’t demand too much from a producer, but Michelin invested more than they needed.
    They don’t just make Michelin-approved wiper blades – their products are amongst the most progressive and advanced solutions in the world, even though the brand isn’t exactly dedicated to or particularly invested into this industry. Also, they are put together well, so there are virtually no defects or unexpected issues.


    Michelin Stealth Ultra Hybrid

    Stealth Ultra is a hybrid blade, as clear by the name. In this case, it means that, in addition to the usual beam blade – a simply clean rubber belt – there is a plastic body on top that gives the beam more possibilities and versatility.
    Now, the beam is made from the ‘premium’ rubber with additional layer of graphite – a sturdy, reliable and quiet material. It makes the blade more durable but also enhances the smoothness and quietness of your wiping experience.
    The beam usually has some sort of spring inside. Their key purpose is to add correct pressure throughout the blade. That’s how they get flat blades to hug the windscreen surfaces. Whether there is a spring inside Stealth Ultra is unclear, but it doesn’t seem to need it.

    Michelin Stealth Ultra Hybrid 1
    The tension is instead applied by the adaptive hinges on top of the beam blade. That’s what the plastic body is for – it protects this fragile construction both from physical threats and weather. This body is also segmented into semi-independent section for flexibility. This way, they get to adapt to the curvature and beam movement.
    So, what are these hinges inside the body?
    There are six of them – three on each side. Those closest and farthest from the center are able to react to surface changes. They ease and apply tension whenever necessary, while the middle bit simply bends the tips down for optimal curved shape. This system ensures the blade hugs the entire surface with equal tightness and grip.
    What you get as a result is a reliable, efficient and sturdy all-season option. It’s durable both because the rubber composition is resistant enough to all sorts of damage to last you for a good while and because the outer body shields the rest from most threats, including clogging and excess of snow and dust.

    Michelin Stealth Ultra Hybrid 2
    They did a loud research and came up with the guaranteed 500,000 wipe cycles of work. That’s how long this wiper model can last you. Absolutely unknown how long it is in months, but it’ll at least live through a harsh season. The user reviews say it’s durable enough, and so does Michelin themselves, so one can be hopeful.
    The blade also has a simple connector that ensures quick and easy installation. It fits nearly all car models, especially since there are 4 different mounting components for various arm types.

    Is it worth buying?

    Michelin Stealth Ultra Hybrid 3

    Considering all the upsides and the lack of defects, you are absolutely advised to look into it. These wiper blades are efficient, absolutely quiet and provide great visibility for many days to come. One could suspect they’d cost a fortune, but no. In this category, they have a pretty moderate price of 40 USD a pair (on average).
    Of course, it may seem different to you, but trust this – it’s a great investment. Unless you’re on a very tight budget, you may look no further than Michelin Stealth Ultra.