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    NAPA is an American supplier of car parts. They work exclusively in North America, with the majority of stores located in USA. You have absolutely no chance of finding them anywhere else, unless you found a few of their products online and the stored agreed to ship it across the Ocean.
    Wiper blades isn’t the only thing they do, they also provide various components, like batteries, filters, plugs and so forth. The wiper blades aren’t exactly their chief product, but it’s there in the assortment.

    NAPA brand

    wiper blades NAPA

    NAPA has been formed almost 100 years ago, and over time they’ve become a major player in the American aftermarket. The brand is relatively popular, with over 6 thousand stores all across America.
    It’s not amongst the most popular suppliers of wiper blades, although the name is quite known among the American drivers. And there isn’t a lot to endear them in terms of wipers variety. What few of them they produce themselves aren’t made well, and the defects aren’t uncommon, to be frank.
    You will have to buy them offline, too. The online stores don’t offer the wiper blades of their make all too often. If you live in a big city in America, there’s bound to be at least NAPA store somewhere in the vicinity. In case this brand intrigued you, you might consider paying them a visit and browsing through their selection.
    These wiper blades are considered a rather sub-par option, but it’s relative and you might have a different opinion based on your own experiences. What’s objectively true is that the defects are common with this producer. The flaws are usually attributed to poor construction, which basically leads to them falling apart.
    The service isn’t very endearing, either. Chances are, they’ll keep in touch with you for some time and go around in circles, and eventually you won’t get a replacement or a refund, most likely.
    NAPA also stores a lot of wiper blades from other brands. This would be a wiser choice, because even though they are still a dedicated chain of auto parts shops. There must be a lot of options for all tastes and preferences. There are supposed to be costlier, more professional wiper blades made with quality in mind. They are always worth checking out.
    Other than that, NAPA is not very interesting. If it’s the choice between this and some grocery store that happens to have wiper blades on sale, it’s better to trust the dedicated establishment, even if it might be pricier. Ultimately, NAPA would have vaster stocks, meaning it’s a quality choice.

    Final thoughts

    NAPA is worth checking out as an auto parts supplier, but it pales in comparison to the usual brand stores or even less shabby dedicated suppliers. As a producer of wiper blades, they might be better, but it’s up to you to browse through their selection and decide whether they have any good ones or not.