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Rain-X wiper blades

    windshield wipers Rain-X

    Rain-X is one of the main wiper blades suppliers in the world. They are very likely the biggest manufacturer that produces the blades exclusively. It’s not for nothing, too – they aren’t just successful because there are lots of them, but also because their quality is impeccable.
    They might just be the best choice if you’re actively looking for new wipers. The obvious choice is often not bad, and here’s why.

    Rain-X brand

    wiper blades Rain-X

    Rain-X brand is operating from America – precisely, from Illinois. They are the direct subsidiary of the ITW (Illinois Tool Works) conglomerate that specializes in various car components, and so forth. But Rain-X is not just their wiper blade branch, like so many other subsidiary manufacturers.
    Rain-X isn’t just a brand, it’s a technology. Obviously, these wipers are supposed to repel water with more efficiency, but what actually happens is a chemical reaction that turns water into beads of streaming liquid that rush off the surface. It doesn’t just work with wipers, but with tons of other car washing solutions.
    The brand is built around this technology, and ITW likely gave it a boost of some sort back in 1972, when it was first implemented and the Rain-X brand was started simultaneously.
    All wiper blades made by this brand are very effective, as a result. The primary purpose of any wiper is obviously to get rid of the water, and these carry out this task with great effect. The technology really works, although it does wear off after some time, like everything.
    The other aspects aren’t as bad, either. The finest materials are used in assembly, and the blades work great for a long time, as a result. But at the same time, it affects the price. The usual package of two Rain-X blades is about 20 USD, which is steeper than usual, but still acceptable.
    There are cheaper variants, like the conventional wipers. Most people use flat, hybrid or high-performance flat blades, but if you can get your hands on conventional ones, they’ll be much cheaper and still effective.

    Rain-X assortment

    You’ll still have to choose the one blade you’ll need. Even though most of them are effective at repelling the water, some have more pronounced characteristics, and therefore they are more effective at performing this duty.
    Actually, all of these products are silicone-infused, and silicone is the main component of the Rain-X technology. Some of these wipers have other ingredients as well, which also improve rain repelling. In short, you’re bound for a small research to get the wiper you need.
    Moreover, the brand has other solutions for sale. It’s mostly cleaning mixes and solutions for gaslights, windows and other glass surfaces. It’s just as effective at increasing your visibility as the wipers they offer.

    Final thoughts

    Rain-X is a unique product. The brand makes an effort to improve the water expelling capabilities of its products as much as possible, and it bears fruit. As a result, they are perhaps the most effective solution among the wiper blades, save perhaps for the spectacularly premium wipers.