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Bosch wiper blades

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    Bosch is a leading German manufacturer of various home appliances, including microwaves, fridges, vacuum cleaners and so forth. The company is all about providing as many solutions as possible, which means they can vary in price and characteristics and that their assortment of technical solutions is amongst the most extensive.
    Wiper making isn’t their chief branch, but it’s also not neglected. There are several blade collections that might interest you.

    Wiper assortment

    wiper blades Bosch

    Bosch has several wiper collections for sale: three front types and one rear. The front wiper collections are called ECO, TWIN and AEROTWIN. With each one, the price and quality improve. Bosch doesn’t have any bad options, but, as said, they allow you to pick your own solution based on your taste, finances, and so on.
    ECO only includes one wiper hook-arm type. It’s largely regarded as ‘standard’ or an ‘economical’ option, hence the name. You can find these for about 6 USD a pair, making them one of the most affordable options from a quality maker such as Bosch.
    Despite the low price, these wipers are still well made. The bodies are completely metal, which gives them a longevity boost, while the blades themselves are made from rubber with a layer of graphite above. The blades are relatively fragile, but ECO wipers are still quiet, effective and lasting enough.
    The selection is very rich, and you can definitely find an option for yourself, regardless of your budget. The prices depend on many things besides just the type of the blade you prefer, but they pretty much reflect the quality. Some cost 20 USD for two blades, while some reach as much as 40 USD.
    With that said, these prices only reflect the levels of quality inside Bosch assortment. The quality in comparison to products of other brands is questionable. Bosch is not a brand of wiper brands of even of auto parts – they produce all sorts of mechanical appliances. You should be cautious with their blades and check their quality thoroughly.
    As you can see, you’re able to make your pick based on many various requirements that you can think of yourself. The price will change not just based on the type of blade you pick, but also on the size and length you need. Buying from Bosch genuinely requires some research.

    Final thoughts

    Comparing Bosch to other brands in terms of the usual characteristics is futile. The specter of options this company has to offer is just too wide: you can find highly affordable or costly variants, depending on your budget. But at the same time, they’ll be very well-done for their respective price categories.
    Regardless of your choice, you can be sure to get a good deal from this manufacturer, that’s for sure.