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Goodyear 770 Hybrid: Wiper Blade Review

    Goodyear 770 Hybrid wiper blades

    Goodyear has many interesting wiping solutions for different needs. There are innovative and multi-layered products with intriguing features and shticks. It is one of the biggest wiper blade suppliers, which is terrific for a company mostly associated with tires.
    However, 770 Hybrid isn’t an innovative or interesting concept. It’s pretty much just a basic hybrid blade designed and produced by Goodyear. It’s really just that, although there are some notable components that deserve mentioning.

    Goodyear brand

    Goodyear 770 Hybrid windshield wipers

    As many of you know, Goodyear is an American company that largely just makes tires for all sorts of vehicles. They are pretty good at it – among the best really. Making wiper blades is not really the same, but somehow they excel at this activity, too.
    The brand has a vast assortment of different wiper blade options for all price categories and preferences. Not all of them are simply scraping squeegees – more advanced products actually go to extreme lengths to ensure water repelling/endurance/efficiency or other aspects.

    Goodyear 770 Hybrid
    But if what you want is a well-made temporary solution or just something to occupy space because it doesn’t rain all too often where you live – then there are offers that you might like. 770 Hybrid is one of these options.


    Goodyear 770 Hybrid 1

    First of all, it’s a hybrid blade, as you might’ve noticed. It means that it’s basically a rubber strip supported by some spring construction inside. Plus, it has an aerodynamic shell covering it from above. It doesn’t have any other properties other than help with lifting problems.
    The wind is one of the key problems most beam blades have. They don’t have a carcass that usually acts as a pressure distributor for conventional models. Without it, they have a better and more even grip onto the windshield, but also problems with aerodynamic properties.
    Without some sort of the shell, the blade is lifted off the glass at high speed and then dropped back, thus damaging the blade. If the shell is not made properly (which is likely in cheap models), then it’s going to break very soon under such stress.
    In short, 770 Hybrid solves this problem pretty effectively. The shell put onto the beam is aerodynamic enough to just redirect the wind and break its lifting capabilities. It’s also fragmented into several sections. It makes it much easier for the rubber to adapt to the glass surface of the windscreen.
    The rubber itself is rather well molded. It’s basically just a natural rubber body (silicone in some, which is also pretty good) with some graphite coating. While natural rubber is pretty durable and hydrophobic enough, graphite enhances these qualities. What you get in the end is a smooth, effective and quiet performance.

    Goodyear 770 Hybrid 2
    Not to mention they are supposed to last for a while. They aren’t going to live for years, but a year is likely enough for a cheap temporary solution.
    There is also a minor upside of a simple connector system. The standard type is a J-hook system, which suits most modern cars. However, you can order any of the 15 connector types for all widely-accepted arm types in the world. It’s easy to install, so there’s no problem about that.

    Is it worth buying?

    Goodyear 770 Hybrid 3

    These wiper blades are pretty cheap, actually. They usually cost about 10 USD, but the price can rise or fall depending on who sells them and what the size is. There are tons of different sizes and variations – it’s basically a low-cost versatile hybrid solution.
    For what it’s worth, it works amazing. It will also last you long enough to find or afford a full-time wiper blade. 770 Hybrid is by no means a long-term investment. However, Goodyear also doesn’t charge a lot for it.
    It’s a perfect fit for people on tight budgets or those who just want something to replace their broken blades with for the time being.