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TRICO Exact-Fit: Wiper Blades Review

    TRICO Exact-Fit wiper blades

    TRICO is known for manufacturing all sorts of wiper blades. They are a very successful and sizeable brand, especially for such a dedicated niche producer (they only make wiper blades). In fact, they are amongst the biggest brands in this market, and most car enthusiasts have probably heard this name at least once.
    Amidst their many blade models, there is one interesting like called Exact-Fit. It consists of three distinct yet almost identical wiper blades. Each one also has tons of subclasses and modifications that you can choose to fit on your car specifically. It’s their primary point, and there aren’t too many more.

    TRICO brand

    TRICO Exact-Fit windshield wipers

    This brand is actually very old, which explains why they are so successful. They opened in 1917 and started making wiper blades pretty much immediately. There were no commercial wiper blades or wiper blades as we know them now, so they are pioneers in this field.
    It can’t be underappreciated, because if they had years and years of experimenting, improving and building onto hundreds and hundreds of wiper blade models, they must have a humongous expertise. It gives them an upper hand, because they don’t have too many design flaws or production mistakes as a result.

    TRICO Exact-Fit
    And it’s true, TRICO is one of the more trustworthy and competent brands in this field. If you want to buy a reliable piece of equipment – your road is set towards TRICO.


    TRICO Exact-Fit 1

    Most of the Exact-Fit products sold online are conventional blades, although this collection also features hybrid and beam versions. Conventional blades are by far the cheapest and easiest to manufacture, which might explain their abundance. Easily the majority of data about Exact-Fit blades online is about the conventional versions.
    The main feature of these blades is not that there are lots of different versions of them, although there are. Not only does TRICO produce three distinct variants, but there are also several dozen sizes for each option and many connector modifications. Being able to buy the one that suits you best is one of the key advantages.
    The biggest feature, however, is that you can order the exact composition, size, and connector type for your car on their official website. Basically, you can pick your own wiper, and it would be up to your preferences entirely. Length, blade type, connector type – you can decide on each of these features yourself.
    You can also buy each configuration independently. For instance, there are many types available on Amazon. They are mostly conventional blades, but that’s beside the point. The point is, you can pick the one that will fit your car perfectly. The bliss of it is that the installation process is quick and painless and you get the best potential visibility.
    Of course, the end results depend on the blades themselves. The conventional blades are usually the worst in comparison to others, while the hybrids are the best option. It’s believed that most components in these wiper blades are rather basic – designed to give you a proper wiping but not much more.

    TRICO Exact-Fit 2
    The good thing about them is that they can hug your windscreen flawlessly if you pick the correct one. If you pick the correct size (and especially if you pick beam or hybrid), the grip is going to be very tight. One of the reasons is their Memory Curve Steel material present in beam and hybrid versions.
    It’s durable and flexible. The springs inside the beams are made from this material. They adapt well to the curvature and sustain their strength, which is a good combination. It means that these blades will do a fine consistent job and do it for a fairly long time.
    Another factor that contributes to that is the high-quality materials used in the top-class steel that increases the lifespan and makes sure the rubber is always in place. In frameless blades, the shells on top are made from polymers – light and sturdy materials that substitute the steel that can’t be used in these types as efficiently.
    Basically, they are durable and effective enough – especially for their price.

    Is it worth buying them?

    TRICO Exact-Fit 3

    These blades are actually pretty decent. They do cost almost nothing in comparison to their counterparts with the similar quality. Most conventional types cost about 7-9 USD, and prices get slightly bigger the better blades get.
    They are absolutely worth it, because they compensate the lack of innovative solutions with perfect fit pre-assembled for every individual customer.