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Michelin Endurance XT: Wiper Blade Review

    Michelin Endurance XT wiper blades

    Michelin is one of the more trustworthy blade manufacturers, even if they aren’t really a specific blade brand. In fact, most of their blades are manufactured by the subsidiary called Pylon, so you don’t have to worry that Michelin might be overstretching by dabbling in wiper blade production among other things.
    Their blade branch is actually pretty expansive. Although there are only 10 front blade models, Michelin is concentrating hard on providing top quality possible for each of them. Endurance XT in particular is considered the best flat blade amongst those currently available.
    So, it’s promising. But let’s see look deeper into it.

    Michelin brand

    Michelin Endurance XT windshield wipers

    Michelin is an old French brand. Everyone knows them first and foremost as a global tire manufacturer, but they don’t just stick to that, as you can see. They aren’t too new to the blade-making business, either – they’ve seemingly been experimenting for some time now. Many of their blade options simply bulge with innovative solutions.
    They also have great service, as well as production ethic. They don’t usually arrive with manufacturing flaws, but if they do and you buy them, their customer service is happy to send you a replacement of whatever component broke. Although it should be standard by now, knowing that Michelin isn’t malevolent is heartwarming.


    Michelin Endurance XT

    Endurance XT is a flat (or beam) wiper blade. It means that it’s simply a streak of rubber with some tensioning components (most likely inside) and a connector. Often, that’s all there is. This one isn’t too different. It doesn’t really have a carcass, but there is an aerodynamic plastic body that simply holds the rubber in place.
    Instead of the carcass, the tension is applied by the springs inside. They press the blade against the windscreen across the entire length but also in a well-balanced manner – so that no part lacks grip during the work. The tightness is also improved by the aerodynamic body that pretty much acts as a spoiler that pushes the rubber tighter against the glass.
    As the name suggest, the endurance is a key advantage. In fact, Michelin focused particularly on providing this blade an extreme endurance. If you value durability and longevity over other virtues, that’s your quality choice. It’s mostly ensured by the rubber composition.

    Michelin Endurance XT 1
    The core is made of premium with 4 additional layers of high-quality silicone – a sturdy hydrophobic material well suited for accumulating water and removing it from the line of sight. Thanks to the blade’s secure grip, there is also very little streaking or other residue.
    The durability is further enhanced by the Dura-Glide solution – Michelin’s own additive against cracks and damage. It’s also a great for quietness and comfort.
    As a result, this entire composition is heavily protected against physical damage but also secured when it comes to extreme temperatures – from -60 to +80 centigrade. Within these boundaries, they won’t lose their mobility or effectiveness at all.
    According to the tests, these solutions improved the endurance of these wiper blades dramatically. They are able to work without severe drops in effectiveness for more than 2,000,000 wipe cycles. The usually numbers are at 500,000 maximum, more or less. Depending on how you use them, they likely will last for more than a year at least.
    They are all-season, too. Therefore, you can use them for a very long time without a need to replace them with something more suited for winter. Don’t get the wrong idea, they greatly improve visibility both in rain and snowfall, but endurance is their chief advantage. They are likely a myriad of more practical all-season options.

    Michelin Endurance XT 2
    What’s also good about Endurance XT (and Michelin blades in general) is their versatile connector system. There are several connector types in package fit more multiple wiper arm types. In practice, they fit almost all modern cars out there. The installation process itself is rather intuitive and simple, as well.

    Is buying them worth it?

    Michelin Endurance XT 3

    These beams are extremely durable and strong. They are also sufficiently effective, reliable and quiet. In practice, what you pay for is a long-term decent experience rather than a fantastic one for an average span of time. It’s not by all means a bad offer, but it’s not for everyone.
    They cost about 20 USD for just one blade. That’s an average price for high-quality blades. With that said, this product is probably going to be rather less efficient than the usual wiper blades for the same price. It’s a matter of what you want to invest into: extreme longevity or extreme effect.