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Trico wiper blades

    windshield wipers Trico

    Trico isn’t just a brand that produces various car components, and wiper blades besides that. This company in particular produces windshield sweepers almost exclusively, allowing them to focus their efforts on improving this specific type of vehicle appliance. And they are very good at making wiper blades.
    As a result, Trico is now the biggest wiper-maker in US and amongst the biggest in the world. They have tons to offer.

    Trico brand

    wiper blades Trico

    Trico is an old brand. In fact, it’s one of the oldest standalone wiper blade producers in the world, much less in America. The enterprise started back in 1917, and back then there weren’t any widely available windscreen wipers, rendering driving in snow or rain very perilous.
    Apparently, the first windscreen cleaning system they introduced was vertical and worked by sliding from side to side. Only about 10 years later did they introduce the wipers that looked as they do now (more or less). It was nothing less of a breakthrough, but Trico didn’t stop improving and researching further.
    They also started expanding outside the USA, which was the beginning of what later culminated in numerous facilities and research centers all over the world – such as their Rochester Hills (MI) technological facility.
    At the moment, they are utilizing many technologies that make their windscreen wipers more versatile, weather resistant, effective and comfortable. They are actually amongst the most advanced wiper options as of today – at the cost of higher price. They aren’t particularly costly, at least the average variants.
    However, Trico concentrates strongly on forwarding ‘high-performance’ wiper blades. They are much sturdier and provide excellent results. The prices are usually somewhere around 15 USD, but there are certainly cheaper variants that don’t sacrifice much of the efficacy.

    Trico assortment

    In addition to the premium wiper blades that basically extend the spell of service and keep the performance great for that entire period of time, there are specific options, just to name a few:

    • Winter options that excel at withstanding colder temperatures. These also cost more than usual – around 15 USD and more;
    • Bigger and heavier wiper blades fit for trucks and other heavy machinery. They are just as lasting and effective, but also pricy.

    The assortment is vast, with most wipers coming in various lengths to suit any customer. Trico seemed to make a great effort to ensure that everyone could enjoy the great performance they provide. The only problem is that you’ll have to cash up for it. But it’s absolutely worth it.
    For most of their time of service, these blades do a very good job cleaning the windscreen. They don’t leave traces or suddenly become noisy – at least not until the end of their journey. On average, it’s usually at least 2 years from the moment of purchase. A good result, overall.

    Final thoughts

    Trico blades might be fairly pricy, but overall it’s a decent investment if you consider that they’ll serve you for many months ahead. And no one forces you to buy the premium or ice-resistant models.
    The usual commercial options won’t provide as good a defense against weather, but they’ll still do a fine job for a much smaller fee.